Payment error, order again

If your payment fails due to a lost internet connection, malfunction at the bank or for any other reason, our system will cancel your order over time. We then advise you to go through the order process again and re-order the tickets successfully. We have a number of tips so that you can hopefully place a successful order the next time: You can contact your bank prior to ordering to see if they approve international transactions. In addition, you can also try to complete the order with a different payment option or through a different browser. Finally, you can try to place the order with a different desktop or IP address.

Error message while processing payment

If a payment has failed and an order attempt has been interrupted, an order cannot be reactivated and/ or a new payment link can be sent. The only option to get tickets is to go through the order process again.

If you repeatedly receive an error message in the payment screen or if the bank requests codes that you do not know about, we advise you to contact the relevant bank.

Error message 'unsafe payment error / unsecured connection'

When you have completed the order process and the above message appears when you want to proceed to payment, we advise you to use a different device or try a different browser. This message comes from your internet provider or by your firewall. We advise you to use a different browser.

If you have any further questions, contact Paylogic.