What are the delivery times?
Click here to see the delivery times per country.
What are the delivery costs?
Click here to see the delivery costs per country. Orders starting from €75,- will be delivered for free with DHL Parcel to the following countries: Netherla...
Which countries do you ship to?
Click here to see the list of countries we ship to.
Which delivery service do you use?
We send all our packages within Europe with DHL Parcel. For deliveries outside of Europe we use DHL Express.
I'm missing an item from my order, what do I do?
If an item is missing, please contact us using this contact page and tell us the order number and the missing item's name and number. We will resolve th...
Wat do I do if I receive a faulty item in my order?
We want to sort out any issues with faulty items straight away. As soon as you discover a fault, please contact us by filling in the contact form here with ...
I never received my package, what now?
If you have not received your package, please reach out to DHL Parcel or DHL Express to find out about the progress of your package. DHL Parcel DHL Exp...