A whole weekend of camping and partying with thousands of Decibel weekenders is a lot of fun, but there are also some rules you must follow. This is to make sure everybody has a great weekend and can enjoy Decibel outdoor to the fullest! Not only now, but also during the upcoming years. Make sure you will read the following do's & don'ts carefully and check out which belongings you can and can't take to the Decibel weekend.



A car, that will be checked by security before you enter the park, is allowed at some of the accommodations. Driving between 23:00HRS hours and 07:00HRS hours is prohibited. In case you leave the park in-between, you must park your car at the reception when you return. You can pick your car up again to get your belongings when you leave on Monday. Visitors of the Safari Resort can drive with their belongings to the resort but need to park at a central parking. These cars also undergo security checks and have the same rules as other cars. Other visitors can park their cars at the assigned parking fields. It's not allowed to spend the night there.



Just like in previous years, you will get a security check at the entrance. This is for your own safety and there are some rules we ask you to follow up, so everybody can have a great weekend. There are two camping entrances where everybody will be checked. The entrance gates are one meter wide, so your wagon or other stuff will fit. Make sure you have your tickets by hand at the entrance!



There are enough establishments where you can buy food or drinks during the Decibel weekend, but you can also bring your own. You can bring a maximum of 1.5 liters of alcohol (below 15%) per person. Keep in mind that this must be in sealed plastic bottles or cans. Glass and alcoholic drinks with more than 15% alcohol are not allowed. This will be checked at the entrances.



Water is for everyone! That’s why you can always fill up your bottle or jerry can with water at the tap water points at the sanitary buildings. At the festival site, you can find free tap water points at the toilets. 



B2S adheres to the local police force's drugs policy. This is a zero-tolerance policy. This means that no form of soft and/or hard drugs is permitted, i.e., weed and hash are also prohibited. Police will be monitoring the situation closely. When you bring banned substances, you might be denied and will risk a fine or community service.



Make sure you follow the leads of the staff when you enter Ravers Resort or Ravers Paradise. The stewards will assign a spot for you and your friends. Do you have friends that will arrive later, make sure you bring their tent(s). You’ll receive a confirmation with a reserved number in case you have booked a friends field via the travel website. 



Of course, it's super fun to create a whole camp with your friends, but make sure you don't bring your whole household effects. So, leave your couch or fridge at home and only bring standard camping equipment that is enough for a weekend of partying. A party tent is allowed but think about the space. Your neighbors and other Decibel weekenders would like to have some space too!


You can bring this to the camping:

•           Party tent

•           Camping chairs and tables

•           Disposable BBQs (40x40 cm.) and small gas bottles (max. 190 grams and only with a screw-on mechanism)

•           Cool- or polystyrene boxes and small camping fridges (max. 80x80 cm.)

•           Party attributes and (land)flags

•           Small portable speakers on battery

•           Food and drinks (in cans, sealed plastic or cardboard, alcohol with a max. of 1.5L or sixpack p.p.)

•           Deodorant and hairspray

•           Blow-drier, straightener, curling iron, electric toothbrush, and electric shaver


You will better leave this at home, otherwise we must confiscate it:

•           Aggregates, generators, extension cables, coils, etc.

•           Fridges, freezers, sandwich toasters or other electrical devices

•           Big BBQs, cooking stoves and gas bottles above 190 grams or gas bottles under 190 grams with a puncturing mechanism

•           Sofas (and other big furniture)

•           Big speakers or music installations

•           Liquor with more than 15% alcohol

•           Glass bottles

•           Fireworks

•           Sharp knives and other tools

•           Mopeds/scooters, quads, and all other motorized vehicles

•           Drugs or other narcotic- or psychedelic mediates

•           Dry ice or laughing gas

•           Graffiti, spray cans, paint, etc.

•           Clothes that can be seen as provocative

•           No clothes, scarfs, or flags from soccer clubs

•           Stickers, flyers, or other promotional material



It’s allowed to bring your own sound system, but only when you can hear it for a few meters. This can be a portable radio/CD/mp3 player. Complete sound systems are not allowed. It’s a weekend of partying, but make sure you also think about your neighbors who do want to sleep during the night.


Don’t want to sleep yet? You’re more than welcome at the Decibel City Hall, which is opened 24HRS a day. 



You’re staying at a neat and well-maintained vacation park. Respect nature and throw your trash in the waste bins. Make sure you take all your personal belongings when you leave the park or campsite. It’s not allowed to leave your tent or other stuff behind like trash. Be proper and clean up your mess. Don't forget to bring your own trash bags.

Respect all the beautiful things around you and treat them with care. This means that you won’t touch the decor and handle stuff that you don’t own properly. Hereby, everyone can enjoy the weekend even more!



A BBQ with your friends is a part of the Decibel weekend of course! Bringing a small BBQ is allowed. Bringing a cooking set or gas BBQ is also allowed, but only in case the gas cylinder contains max. 190 grams or less. However, depending on the weather, BBQ's may not be allowed. If the weather is too hot and/or dry, open fire can be banned. If this is the case, please don't BBQ at any place or any time at the campsite.



Even though a campfire with your friends can be cozy, it’s strictly forbidden by the fire department.



There are several electricity points at the friends fields (10 ampère, 2300W). You’ll need a CEE plug for these, which can be bought at the supermarket. Unfortunately, there are no electricity points at the regular campsite. Don’t try to tap electricity yourself, this can be very dangerous! 



You can’t bring any animals.