The weekend starts on Friday the 19th of August at 13:00HRS and everybody is welcome from that time! We discourage you to come earlier because this will only obstruct. On Monday the 22nd of August at 12:00HRS, the weekend will be over.



There are three different entrances and different check-in procedures. Make sure you read the information in the e-mail and confirmation carefully. You will receive this just before the event takes place. Some of the accommodations have other check-in times. This will be described in the e-mail confirmation you’ll receive. 



You can find the info stand in the Decibel City Hall of the weekend terrain. This stand is open all weekend and you can come here with questions or problems. Another info desk is located on Ravers Paradise. This stand is also open 24HRS a day. 



Every weekender will receive a wristband that gives you access to the whole weekend. It gives you access to the campsite, Ravers Paradise and/or Ravers Resort and the festival terrain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No bracelet means no entrance, so make sure you leave it on for the whole weekend. You can also use the fast lane to the festival terrain with your bracelet, which is located at Entrance South. 


All regular campers have limited access to the travel accommodations. Between 08:00HRS and 20:00HRS, you have free access to the whole terrain to visit friends. After 20:00 HRS, the accommodations on Ravers Paradise and Ravers Resort are only accessible to visitors with a ‘weekend travel’ bracelet. 



The fortunate few who are lucky enough to score a weekend Premium ticket for Decibel outdoor have several additional bonuses:


    Separate Premium entrance

    Access to the Premium decks with their own bar and toilets

    Free locker per 2 persons

    Exclusive Decibel Premium gadget

    Voucher for one of the attractions 

    Premium fast lane to the festival terrain



There are several facilities at the park to make your weekend even better. But some extras will be added this year ;) On the campsit, there are a lot of facilities and activities, and lots of them are open 24HRS a day; like the 24 HOURS RAVE-CAFÉ. At Central Plaza you can find the City Hall, which will be opened 24HRS a day with music, games, chill-out. 

The Central Plaza also contains an extensive food court, merchandise stand, lockers, info desk and mobile charging point.


At Entrance South there will be a special weekend fast lane. You can walk in and out of the festival site here by showing your bracelet. 



Tokens will be available from Friday at 13:00HRS and you can use them to pay almost everywhere. At the supermarket and merchandise stand at Karibu Town, you can only pay with cash or PIN and not with tokens. 



You can store your belongings in your car, accommodation, or tent. In case you don’t want this, lockers are also available for rent. They are located at the Central Plaza and on Campsite 3. They are accessible 24HRS a day. Beekse Bergen or B2S are not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings. 


Pay attention: when you rent a locker at the festival site, you will only have access to this when the festival site is open. If you want to access your locker all weekend, make sure you rent a locker at the campsite. 


You can rent different sizes:

    Medium: 25cm height, 30 cm wide and 50 cm depth

    Large: 35 cm height, 30 cm wide and 50 cm depth

    XXL: 35 cm height, 60 cm wide and 50 cm depth (the following fits in here: a tent, sleeping bag, backpack, trolly and a lot more.)



There are three sanitary buildings at the campsite of Ravers Paradise and one at the campsite of Ravers Resort. To create enough capacity for all the weekenders, two extra big sanitary buildings will be placed at the park. You can come here 24HRS a day for a warm shower and it's for free. You can also find mirrors here and electricity to use your shaver or to blow-dry your hair.



At the mobile charging point, you can rent or buy a portable charger to charge your phone. You can find the charging point near Campsite 3 and Central Plaza. There is also a mobile charging point located at the festival site on Saturday and Sunday. 



There is a small supermarket at Ravers Paradise for the necessary purchases. The store sells tent pins, air beds and other real camping items. You can also blow up your air bed here. 


These are the opening times: 

    Friday: 13:00 – 20:00HRS

    Saturday: 08:00 – 13:00HRS

    Sunday: 08:00 – 18:00HRS

    Monday: 08:00 – 12:00HRS



When you book a Friends Field, you will have your own electricity point (10 ampère, 2300 W). Pay attention: you need a CEE plug for this. All remaining campers won't have their own electricity because the network is not sufficient for thousands of people. But no worries, there are mobile chargers available at Campsite 3 and Central Plaza to charge your phone and you can use your straightener, blow drier or electric shaver at one of the public bathrooms.



You can bring or pick up lost and founds at the info stand during the weekend. Your lost item was not found? We work together with iLost to make sure all the lost and founds will get to their owner after the festival. 


TIP: write your name on all your belongings. This will make it easier to trace items if they are lost.



The first aid is in the middle of Ravers Paradise and is open all weekend. You can come here 24 hours a day with questions or health issues. In case of an emergency, call the number +31(0)-208203383.. A first aid team will come your way immediately, so it’s not necessary to call 112. The first aid will be faster at your location after all.


In case of an emergency, always warn someone from the organization, security, first aid or call the above-mentioned number. A weekend full of partying can be exhausting, so make sure you look after each other. The first aid team is there to help.



The Decibel weekend lasts until Monday morning 12:00HRS, the 22nd of August. All the accommodations must be checked out at 10.00HRS, all the camping spots at 12.00HRS. Make sure you leave the park in time and take all your belongings.



In case you need first aid or security support you can call the telephone number +31(0)-208203383. You can also call this number for important questions or complaints. Put this number in your telephone, so you don’t have to look it up when you need it.


In case you have any questions about Decibel outdoor, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help you! 

E-mail: info@b2s.nl

Whatsapp: +3110262008