Beekse Bergen 1, Hilvarenbeek



Leisenweg, Hilvarenbeek



Tilburgseweg 41, Hilvarenbeek



Kommerstraat 1, Hilvarenbeek


Beekse Bergen will be indicated from the highway. Afterwards, you must follow the signs Decibel and the signs Ravers Paradise North, Ravers Resort West or Ravers Paradise South.



Every car needs its own parking ticket. You can buy one in advance via the B2S ticketshop. You can purchase a parking ticket for your travel package via the travel website. or on the spot for €35. With this parking ticket, you can park close to your accommodation or nearby the entrance. There is a car-free zone on the most crowded area of the terrain.



Don't want to travel by public transport or no driver in your group of friends? Book a bus trip via our buspartner



Want to go home by taxi? Please exit the festival at Entrance North, there is the place to pick a taxi.



From the A27 (Breda) drive in the direction of Tilburg and follow the Decibel signs.


From the A65 ('s Hertogenbosch), take exit 10 Hilvarenbeek/Beekse Bergen and follow the Decibel signs.


From A58 (Limburg and region Eindhoven), take exit 8 Oirschot and follow the N395 to Hilvarenbeek. Take the N269 from there and follow the Decibel signs.


Car parks are open from 12:00HRS. Try to avoid peak hours as much as possible. Extensive measures are being taken to make parking as effortless as possible. Follow the instructions on signs, as well as those given by car park attendants.


Remember where you parked your car. Leave the car park via the 'all directions' signs to ensure that the outflow takes place as quickly as possible.


You can already buy parking tickets at the B2S ticketshop before the event takes place. This is faster and cheaper than on site.



Train services to and from Tilburg are excellent. Dutch Railways (NS) will be running extra-long trains to accommodate greater passenger volumes. Before you leave, always check the website of NS for exact departure- and arrival times.

ATTENTION! Prorail is working on the train tracks on Friday, August 18. This means there might not be any trains going to Tilburg. NS will deploy busses and we will have shuttle busses driving to and from the festival terrain. Make sure you plan your journey carefully.



Shuttle busses will be running between Beekse Bergen and Tilburg Central Station. This service will be running constantly from Friday 12:00HRS until 19:00HRS. You can already buy a bus transfer ticket in the B2S ticketshop in advance. This is cheaper and faster than buying a ticket at the shuttle bus stop. On Monday morning, there will be a bus service returning to Tilburg Central station between 09:00HRS and 14:00HRS.


The shuttle busses are located behind Tilburg CS at the Burgemeester Brokxlaan near nr 6. Please exit the station on the rear side and then follow the signs.



If you organize your own bus trip towards you have to register your bus here. You will receive all information that the driver needs to come to the event and park their bus. Busses must follow the signs 'Touringcars' on arrival. A special parking area has been set up for this purpose. Even if the bus only comes to bring and pick up people, it must follow the signs 'Touringcars'. Make sure the bus is back before 22.00HRS to prevent unnecessary congestion. Busses that have not been registered in advance need to pay €35 on the spot.



A special kiss & ride route has been laid out for people being dropped off and picked up. This is located on the south side (Entrance South) of the terrain. Make sure this is where you will be dropped off and where you agree to be picked up again at the end of the festival. Take Entrance South and follow the route that’s indicated.



Especially for you, in collaboration with GO Sharing, we have a top offer to keep our site beautifully green with sustainable shared transport. Especially for new users we have a discount code to come to the festival on one of the GO Sharing vehicles. Use the code: GODECIBEL to claim 20 free driving minutes. We have also thought of everyone who already uses this fantastic service. If you end your ride in the designated areas, you will receive a 15% discount on your ride! You can only end your ride in the designated area’s at the bicycle parkings at the Norht & the South Entrance.