Decibel outdoor is the loudest festival on earth. Since 2002, it has been one of the biggest and most popular festivals within the harder styles scene. As of 2019, the annual event grew from one to three days on the most beautiful festival grounds The Netherlands has to offer. This is the place where music lovers with a passion for the harder styles come together. This is the city that offers everything you need. Make the most of your three full days on the festival terrain and explore musical experiences with over 300 artists divided among 30 different areas. Besides that, almost every stage changes genres each day. This means you can experience the epic festival terrain in the best way possible.


This city is your home. The city that never sleeps, but keeps on going! Besides the three festival days filled with musical madness, the party at the campsite never stops. The Decibel outdoor weekend has become a true phenomenon. Enjoy the famous camping vibe with all its secret activities, surprising pop-up parties and an overdose of unexpected craziness.


Welcome to Decibel outdoor. Let's LIVE LOUD!








Beekse Bergen 1

5081 NJ Hilvarenbeek


The minimum age for admission is 18. In case of any doubt, you may be asked to show identification proving your age. Please bring valid proof of identification with you so you do not risk being refused entry. Valid proof of identification includes a driver’s license, valid passport, or identity card. A copy or photo of your identification is not valid.


Your own food and beverages are not permitted on the festival site. If you have a special diet, make sure your food is sealed in its own packaging. Medicines can only be taken in when you have a doctor’s note. In case you need your medication, but don’t have a doctor’s note, please contact us via You can only bring items such as deodorant and sunscreen if they are in their original, sealed package. Pressurized spray cans and perfume bottles are not permitted.


We use a recycling system that ensures that plastic and tin waste can be recycled to a high standard. You will receive a recycle token from us upon arrival that you can hand in when ordering your first drink in a plastic cup/bottle or can.

  • How does it work?
  • First drink? Hand in your recycle token when you order at the bar.
  • Going to get your next drink or don’t want one yet? Take your empty cup/bottle/can to a bar or recycle point and trade it for a new drink or a recycle token.
  • Make sure you don’t lose your cup/bottle/can, otherwise it will cost you 0,5 token.
  • Going home? Take your empty cup/bottle with you to the bar and trade it for a recycle token. You can use the recycle token at all B2S events.


Please note: this token is not a consumption token and has no € value, it can only be used as a deposit.


There are several locations where you can purchase tokens. You can find them at the entrance and spread over the festival terrain. There is the possibility to paw with PIN at every cash desk, but it’s not possible to take out extra cash. Decibel tokens are valid throughout the entire weekend at all bars and food courts.


Cameras, SLRs and video cameras may be taken into the festival. Take as many great photos and videos as you can and make sure to share them on social media! Professional recording equipment is not permitted without a media pass.


B2S conforms to the local policy of Tilburg police. This is 'zero tolerance'. This means that no form of drugs (soft and/or hard drugs) are allowed. Cannabis or hash is therefore also not allowed inside the festival. We will search carefully under the supervision of the police.


On Friday, only Entrance South will be open. On Saturday and Sunday, there are two main entrances to the festival site – North and South. Don't forget where you parked your car, where you were dropped off, or which entrance you used. Make sure you leave the festival also at the right entrance to arrive at the correct parking- or boarding area. When you are dropped off at the North entrance, please ensure that you leave through the South entrance. There will be no kiss & ride pick up at the North entrance after the festival.


Lockers will be available for rent. These may be used to store jackets, bags and other personal items. Rent for a medium locker is €10 and a large locker costs €12. You can pay with PIN or via a QR code. It’s not possible to pay with cash. A locker can be shared with two or three friends and you'll be able to access your locker throughout the event.


There will be sufficient toilets at the festival grounds. The toilets are for free, so make sure you use them. At every toilet group, there is a toilet that is accessible for people with disabilities. The festival is organized in a natural environment, please respect this. Actions will be taken against public urinating. Do you want to check your hair or make-up during the day? You will also find fresh-up points at the toilets. You can also use deodorant, hair spray, gel, sunscreen, etc. here.


You can buy a bottle of water at every bar. There are sufficient tap water points spread out over the terrain where you can fill up your bottle or cup for free.


The info stand where you can ask all your questions about the festival and weekend is located in the middle of the festival terrain and at the campsite. This is also the lost & found post. Earplugs are available at a separate stand.


In case you have any questions about Decibel outdoor, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help you! 


Whatsapp: +31102620082