There are two options:

A.    I want to keep my ticket for the new date.

The line-up for Supersized Kingsday Festival will stay the same and your ticket will be valid for the edition in 2021.

B.    I would like to transfer my ticket to a B2S voucher.

With this option you will receive the amount of your order (including service fee*) as an electronic voucher to purchase a ticket for one of our B2S events in the future. The voucher will be valid to use till 31-12-2021, so there will be plenty of time and good alternative events to redeem it.

You were able to let us know which option you prefer. If you did not make a choice before the 18th of April 2020, your ticket is automatically valid for Supersized Kingsday Festival on April 27, 2021.

If you have no intention of visiting any B2S events in this period, you could request a monetary refund. Please keep in mind that refunds can not be paid out earlier than one month after Supersized Kingsday Festival 2021, in accordance with the new regulation.